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About Us

De Beer Law Chambers is a law firm providing various legal and consulting services. The professional staff currently consists of two members with one vacancy. If needed additional expert legal practitioners are sourced to attend to specific needs of a client in instances where our expert capacity is limited.

Our approach is to address the needs of the client by fully understanding the industry of the client and find the best way to achieve the client’s goal within the law.

De Beer Law Chambers is independent and prefers to provide services to corporate client without neglecting individuals.

Matters relating to family and criminal law are referred to other practitioners.

It is our conviction that training and knowledge of the law are important and we present public and in-house training seminars on various topics. We also custom design and facilitate training programmes to address specific needs of corporate clients.

Our contribution to increase access to the law is by publication of Labour Court judgments, Rule Books and Labour Act manuals and books.

Professional Staff

Pieter J de Beer

Legal Practitioner of the High Courts of Namibia
Advocate of the High Courts of South Africa [Admitted March 1988]
Individual Associate member of the American Bar Association
Completed training course: Changing the Game: Negotiations and Competitive Decision Making at Harvard Business School, Boston USA
Served for two years as Council member of the Law Society of Namibia
Current serving as Member of the Namibian Board for Legal Education.
Founder, editor and publisher of the Namibian Labour Law Reports
Previous experience: Public Prosecutor, Advocate at Pretoria Bar, Lecturer at UNAM, Polytechnic of Namibia and Justice Training Centre, Manager at Ohlthaver & List Group, Associate Director at Ernst & Young.

Administrative Staff

Rozanne Fourie

Office in Windhoek

25 Trift Street
Windhoek Central
G.P.S S 22 34` 25.3"
E 017 04` 55.4"

Postal address

P O Box 6798

Contact numbers

Tel (061) 305 650
Fax (061) 305 651

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